5 Tips for Selling Your Home

#1. Brighten-up the Rooms
You can’t go wrong with lighting up the rooms in your home! Take down the dark, heavy drapes and clean the windows. Cut back any trees or bushes outside that may be blocking the natural sunshine from coming through.

#2. Hide Fido and Fluffy (As much as you love them!)
Not everyone is a dog- or cat-lover. Buyers do not want to smell your family’s beloved pets or see their tufts of hair all over the floor. It’s best to send your furry friends to a friend or family’s house during an open house and be sure to vacuum.

#3. A Few Quick Makeovers Can Make a Difference                                                     
There are so many affordable ways to give your home a quick makeover and prepare for it to be sold. A fresh coat of paint (on the inside and outside!) and new fixtures are sure to be pleasing to the eye of any interested buyer. Landscaping is also important and simple to keep up with before any open house! Make sure the lawn is mowed and maintain any gardens.

#4. De-Clutter!
It’s much easier for an interested buyer to visualize their life in a new home if there aren’t knickknacks all over. Try to remove some of your personal items that may appear to cause clutter and prevent someone from envisioning themselves living there.

#5. Choose the Right Realtor!
Deciding on a realtor is the most important step in successfully selling your home. Nearly two-thirds of people surveyed who previously sold their own home say they would never do it again themselves. A good realtor will help with setting a fair price, point out any marketing handicaps, and stay on track with time constraints. They will also know the housing market in your area. Always choose someone you can trust and feel confident that they will do a good job on your behalf.  

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